Umoja Dance Company


Do we offer classes outside NJ?
Classes outside of the studio can be arranged contact Kai Smith

What companies are under the Umoja Dance Umbrella?
Umoja is an adult dance company. USAAMA is the youth dance company.

How do I schedule a performance at my event?
Contact Christine Smith company manager, 862 926 9058

How much does it cost to rent the studio?
Contact kai smith 

What age groups do you work with?
Age 3 to Adults

What upcoming events do you have?
Visit the Events page at

How long have you been in business?
The Umoja Dance Company was created in 1993.
The USAAMA Dance company was created in 1995.
The Umoja Dance Studio opened in 2012.

What is the audition process?
Auditions are held every October for USAAMA. Please send an email to if interested and unable to attend.
Umoja prospective members must be invited to audition. If interested, please send a resume to

Do you have employment opportunities?
Yes, please send email to 

How can I order event pictures?
Pictures cannot be ordered, at this time.

What types of dance are taught?
Umoja Dance Studio offers classes in Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Hip hop, African, Capoeira and Yoga.